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Strategic Talent Acquisition: How INSHUR Scaled from Pre-seed to Series B

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In 2016, INSHUR, a revolutionary entity in commercial motor insurance, embarked on an ambitious journey to reshape insurance with a digital-centric perspective. Starting with only four freelancers, their aspirations were immense, but they required a stellar team to actualise their vision.


INSHUR’s primary goal was to establish a stronghold in the commercial motor insurance sector by harnessing cutting-edge technology and superior customer service. Their expansion across cities like New York and regions like the UK and the Netherlands necessitated a robust technical team that could align with and propel their digital-first strategy.


  1. Initial lack of an in-house technical team.
  2. The need for talent that resonated with INSHUR’s unique ethos and mission.
  3. Rapid scaling to sustain growth momentum.
  4. Ensuring that new team members could effectively contribute to and drive innovation.


Leveraging James Chase Recruitment’s expertise, the following steps were employed:

  1. Tailored Strategy: After thorough analyses of INSHUR’s goals and culture, a bespoke recruitment plan was devised.
  2. Holistic Candidate Profiling: Profiles were created prioritising both technical proficiency and alignment with INSHUR’s mission.
  3. Tapping the Network: James Chase’s extensive connections identified high-calibre professionals.
  4. Rigorous Evaluation: Comprehensive assessment processes ensured candidates were a perfect match.
  5. Streamlined Onboarding: The recruitment process was made efficient, bringing talent on board rapidly.
  6. Market Insight Provision: James Chase equipped INSHUR with pivotal industry insights, ensuring competitive positioning.



From its humble beginnings, by 2023, INSHUR’s team expanded to over 150 dedicated professionals. These new members, ranging from software developers to IT experts, seamlessly integrated, significantly pushing forward INSHUR’s digital-driven mission. This strategic recruitment propelled INSHUR from a budding startup to a successful Series B entity, elevating its brand and widening its global reach.


“Our success isn’t just attributed to technology, but the people behind it. Partnering with James Chase was pivotal. Their understanding of our unique requirements and vision, coupled with their recruitment expertise, enabled us to build a team that has been instrumental in making INSHUR a global leader in digital-first insurance.”
Profile picture of Inshur CEO and Co-Founder, Dan Bratshipis

Dan Bratshpis


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