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Virgin Atlantic: Merging Airline and Holiday Platforms into a Singular Digital Experience

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Virgin Atlantic

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Virgin Atlantic Airlines, a leading name in the aviation and travel industry, embarked on an ambitious journey to merge its separate airline and holiday websites into a unified platform. The goal was to provide a streamlined, integrated experience for its millions of global travellers.


  • Merge airline and holiday websites into a singular user-friendly platform.
  • Ensure seamless data transfer without any loss.
  • Integrate functionalities from both sites to offer a consolidated experience.
  • Maintain the strong brand consistency and recognition Virgin Atlantic is known for.
  • Make the new platform universally accessible.


Merging two independent platforms, each with its unique databases, interfaces, and user preferences, posed multiple challenges:

  1. Achieving flawless data transfer without any information loss.
  2. Combining functionalities from both sites without overcomplicating the user experience.
  3. Upholding brand ethos and recognition throughout the merger.
  4. Ensuring the platform adheres to global accessibility standards.


James Chase Consultancy approached this mammoth task with a detailed strategy:

Website Merging and Design:  Crafted a design that seamlessly blended the spirit of both the airline and holiday segments, offering users an immersive experience.

Data Transfer and Functionality Integration:  Carried out meticulous integration with Virgin Atlantic’s CRM, ensuring no data discrepancies.

Content Migration and Search Functionality:  Mapped and migrated content, thereby enhancing the search experience.

Accessibility Compliance and Translation Capabilities:  Ensured adherence to WCAG 2.1 AA standards and introduced multilingual features.

Trip Builders and Media Integration:  Implemented custom trip builders and designated space for partners.

Brand Consistency:  Preserved the essence of Virgin Atlantic throughout the process.


The revamped platform by James Chase Consultancy streamlined Virgin Atlantic’s digital presence, merging flight and holiday services for quicker bookings. This unified approach safeguarded data integrity, ensuring no user data loss during the merger. With consistent branding, customer trust and loyalty were enhanced. Adherence to global accessibility standards widened the site’s appeal to a diverse audience. Positive post-launch feedback and operational efficiencies position Virgin Atlantic for substantial ROI on their £1 million investment.


“This collaboration with James Chase Consultancy has not only streamlined our operations but has significantly elevated the user experience. The seamless integration and the attention to brand consistency reflect the commitment to our customers. We’re excited about the future and the continuous innovations that lie ahead.”

Mark O'Neill

Senior Manager - Core Systems & AWS

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